Fees for 2017

Medical Aid Fees
For patients with a medical aid, consultations and stock/consumables used, are charged per your medical aids' prearranged fee structures.
We claim a code and each medical aid reimburse us differently.

Private Fees
The following is a list for private patients of some of the most common procedures.

0190 - Normal Consultation R420
0190 - Consultation for pensioners / children under the age of 10 R280
0146 - Emergency / After Hours / Home Consultation - Extra Fee R110
0132 - Writing of a script R110
0241 - Cryotherapy first lesion R80
0242 - Cryotherapy subsequent lesion R40
0245 - Curretting first Lesion R180
0246 - Curretting subsequent lesion R90
1232 - ECG without stress R120
1233 - ECG with stress R170
0206 - IV treatment R80
0307 - Nail removal R330
1136 - Nebulisation in rooms R160
0887 - Plaster (POP) R170
2801 - Morphine pump refill R330
0300 - Stitching of wound R180

Injectables, stock and consumables are charged extra.

The patient will always be made aware of possible extra costs.

Pensioners need to provide a Pensioner Card Clich Here For More Info

If you need any more information, call the surgery.

These prices are subject to change without notice.